Research on Biomedical Engineering
Research on Biomedical Engineering

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Volume 34, Issue 4, 2018

34(4), 2018

Original article
Characterization of a pediatric rotary blood pump Thamiles Rodrigues de Melo, Felipe José de Sousa Vasconcelos, Luiz Henrique Ramalho Diniz Ribeiro, Simão Bacht, Idágene Aparecida Cestari, José Sérgio da Rocha Neto, Antonio Marcus Nogueira Lima.
Sepsis risk assessment: a retrospective analysis after a cognitive risk management robot (Robot LauraR) implementation in a clinical-surgical unit Aline Junskowski Kalil, Viviane Maria de Carvalho Hessel Dias, Cristian da Costa Rocha, Hugo Manuel Paz Morales, Jacson Luiz Fressatto, Rubens Alexandre de Faria
The use of intervention analysis of the mortality rates from breast cancer in assessing the Brazilian screening programme Alfonso Rosales-López, Letícia Martins Raposo, Flavio Fonseca Nobre, Rosimary Terezinha de Almeida.
Biomechanical alterations of gait on overweight subjects Fabiana Rodrigues Silva, Adriane Mara de Souza Muniz, Lucenildo Silva Cerqueira, Jurandir Nadal

Review article
Impact of regulations on innovation in the field of medical devices Rosa Mayelin Guerra-Bretaña, Andrea Lucía Flórez-Rendón

Res. Biomed. Eng.

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